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Early bird gets the worm 🪱🐓
See you Nobles at 8 am sharp 🏦⏳

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CryptoLand Community,

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of the Bank of CryptoLand tomorrow! Alongside this momentous event, we are introducing new membership tiers priced in XRP:

**Star** 25 XRP
**Hot** 50 XRP
**Ultima** 100 XRP
**Platinum** 150 XRP
**Prestige** 250 XRP
**Elite** 500 XRP
**Diamond** 750 XRP
**Royal** 1000 XRP

Ensure you have the appropriate membership tier to access the benefits of your Bank Rank.

Bank Operating Hours:
8 AM to 5 PM CST, Monday through Friday.

60-Day Rule:
To encourage long-term engagement and prevent exploitation, we are implementing a 60-day rule. You must maintain your new Bank Rank for 60 days before the associated withdrawal limit takes effect. This rule discourages short-term manipulations and promotes strategic, long-term planning.

Initially, we are providing a 30/60-day adjustment period for players to quickly secure their ranks. This offers everyone ample time to achieve a satisfactory rank before the 60-day rule is strictly enforced.

De-Ranking Policy:
If you withdraw Cryptopium Tokens from the Bank of CryptoLand Vault and de-rank, you will immediately move to the lower rank with its corresponding withdrawal limit. The 60-day rule applies only to ranking up, not de-ranking.

Bank Tiers:
The Bank of CryptoLand features 10 Bank Tiers based on the total Cryptopium Tokens in the Vault. As a community, you will collaborate to advance through these tiers, increasing withdrawal limits and enhancing the bank's "health".

Current Vault Status: 121,355,603.40 Cryptopium Tokens.
Tier 1: 0-250 million tokens
Tier 2: 250-500 million tokens
Tier 3: 500-750 million tokens
...up to Tier 10

The Bank Game:
This is a community-driven game with individual strategies to climb bank ranks and increase daily withdrawal limits. The game is designed for long-term growth, with the potential to reach Tier 10 within a year or over a decade. Future expansions may include additional ranks and tiers, ensuring scalability for decades to come.

We are excited to embark on this next part of the journey with you and look forward to witnessing your strategic brilliance.

Thank you for your continued commitment and patience.

-CryptoLand Team