The project King Pie participated in which contributed to me initiating the CL LP with substantial liquidity took 5 years before investors seen any ROI. 馃毃5 years for ROI馃毃
CryptoLand is no different than any other small business venture with 90%+ failure rate. However, we have much progression from this being just an idea some guy in a garage dreamed of on a Tuesday afternoon.
Shut Up, do pushups and enjoy the ride, when it鈥檚 built correctly the world will come to realize XRPL DeFi is setting Standards.

If you need your hand held like an infant then Crypto is not for you. If you want to build anything you have to be a Subject Matter Expert on the task at hand. Thus far you have offered nothing of substance in the thread. Therefore, there is nothing built around what you have contributed. Smirky complaints are just having you look like an amateur out here in these Crypto streets. Show me results reflected in some chart or a record of what you have offered this multi faceted platform and I will shut my mouth If you can show where you have created any winners from your directives.

Until then HODL which includes continuing your last directives. Log In, stake, Contribute to the LP, play the game.

There is at least 11K CRYPTO in the open market for you to purchase and inject into the LP. We don鈥檛 need withdrawals to contribute to the LP. I have Not withdrawn from CL one time. Yet we have a notable LP status on XRPL. Challenge your perception of what you really bring to the market versus what you鈥檙e expecting to take from the market鈾燂笍

Excited for CL future, keys,loot boxs, potions crystals and Enhancements.

Neglecting the community in play-to-earn games is a grave error When developers fail to prioritize community building, players feel disconnected and disengaged. This lack of connection leads to decreased player retention, diminished interest, and ultimately, the failure of the game.

馃専馃専Has there been any update from the CL Team on how much needs to be deposited in liquidity pool to enable daily withdrawals?How will the team know that I have made a deposit, or do I need to share proof of the deposit?"Many people being flagged for various reasons, and some of my team members still have flagged accounts. I want to know how long it will take to resolve these issues. Iam asking if anyone from the CL Team could you kindly provide an answer馃専馃専

It鈥檚 sooo freaking OVER馃敟
King Pie is continuing to King on CL 鈾燂笍


Good night friends

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7 w

7 w

The 2nd quarter of 2024 is officially in the books.

We began this journey at the end of the 4th quarter of 2021. Here鈥檚 what we鈥檝e accomplished so far:

- 4 iterations of the social community site, with community points converting to $CRYPTO.
- 4 free airdrops, including loot-box keys, loot-boxes, vials, and consumables.
- Successful minting of land and avatars.
- Launch of the Mini Arcade with 6 mini games, where arcade points convert to $CRYPTO.
- 10 months of $CRYPTO withdrawals.
- 7 months of full staking gameplay with all 20 subclasses and land levels 1-10 in play.
- Land enhancements (Levels 1-5).
- DeFi Liquidity Pool (#1 on XRPL).
- The establishment of the Bank of CryptoLand.

Here鈥檚 what to expect in the next 2 quarters:

- Bank ranks and withdrawal tiers.
- Loot box opening and inventory pages.
- Forging.
- Fabricating.
- Raiding.
- 1 of 1 Gods (51 unique hand-drawn DGPs).
- The launch of the CryptoLand app in the Play Store and App Store.

As I reflect on my 8-year journey in the crypto space, I can say with confidence, and great pride, that our project stands out as truly unique and innovative. We continue to revolutionize industry norms and push boundaries on the XRPL blockchain. As we press forward, let us remember that being an early adopter means being a pioneer. It鈥檚 not easy to be a pioneer, and not all pioneers make it to the promised land. Continue to trust this team; the world we all envisioned is just beyond the horizon.

- Crypto Corey

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Crypto Corey LP pool deposit 2 crypto 85 xrp done 馃憤鉁